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Voice of Judah Israel is a prophetic voice in the land that proclaims the Good News to the people of Israel; reaches out a helping hand to feed and clothe the poor, plants and cultivates congregations, and raises up a generation of servant leaders.

Focus of VOJ Israel

Raising and equipping leaders

We are raising a generation of servant leaders who are passionate about God and their community, who seek to lead as well as serve. Our spiritual center in Ashdod is a training place that equips future leaders, evangelists, mission workers, teachers and pastors. Our focus is to send them into the harvest fields of Israel and the nations.

Planting new congregations in Israel

Since 2005, Voice of Judah has planted four congregations in Israel, with three more existing ones joining our family of congregations. So many cities in Israel have been barren spiritually and untouched by the gospel. There are no congregations or even home groups in them. Our goal is to restore the ministry of the first apostles, by bringing the gospel into every city in Israel and establishing houses of worship.

Humanitarian outreach

We are taking care of underprivileged families in need. We are helping different groups of people such as new immigrants, Holocaust Survivors, single mothers and children, people with disabilities, terror victims, substance abuse victims, young pregnant girls rejected by their families, or have no families and wanted to abort.

We offer them daily help with the food, clothes, and other social aid.

Another part of our social work is organizing Jewish festivals, concerts, summer activities and camps for underprivileged kids, tours to the biblical places of Jesus and In some projects we are working together with municipalities, deputy Mayors’ office, and Members of Israeli parliament.

Gospel Outreach

Teams of VOJ are regularly sent out preaching the gospel in different cities, reaching out to Israelis with the word of God.

This work is very important since 90% of Israelis (in the south of Israel) haven’t had the opportunity to hear the truth of the gospel, they have no access to New Testament, and they don’t know that Jesus is in fact their Jewish Messiah.