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Launching Humanitarian Work

Launching operations of our humanitarian work

Opening our new building in the midst of resistance

Despite the challenges we have encountered along the way since purchasing our new building, we have also seen God intervene time and time again, giving us breakthroughs and making “crooked places straight” for us.

As we are still in the process of obtaining Gathering Permits in order to move our worship services to the new building, an important progress has been made in the mean time; We have started moving our humanitarian outreach work to the new building, which is a tremendous breakthrough for us. Centralizing our humanitarian work in one place, where we sort through donated clothes, equipment and other goods, pack our monthly food packets – where we can distribute so many essential things to families and people in need, which is a major part of our work here at Beit Hallel.

To mark the launch of our humanitarian operations in the new space, we received a truckload of donated good, clothes, pillows, hygiene products and so much more. Boxes and boxes of so many essentials that will be distributed among different congregations we work with, all in order to ensure this important work rewashes farther and helps many more people in need.

Our volunteers have been working for hours to unload everything, and we are thankful we get to be the hands through which this blessing flows to those who need it most.

Unloading container with humanitarian truck

Unloading container with humanitarian truck

Currently humanitarian operations are in the process of moving, restructuring and reorganising in the new space, which is a challenge in itself, since the building is completely empty and unequipped.

There is so much that we now need in order to equip and facilitate our building for humanitarian work, everything from clothes rack, furniture for storage as well as for the lobby where we receive people, installing a kitchen and purchasing appliances (fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher), tables, chairs, office desks, screen, computers and projector for presentations.

Unloading truck

Unloading a truck with humanitarian goods.

The most urgent and important need right now is security cameras and intercom at the entrance to the building. Due to the rise of religious opposition, we need to ensure we are good stewards of God’s blessings – he has given us this building and we want to make sure it is properly protected.

Security equipment is what we want to install as soon as possible.

Would you consider investing in equipping the Lord’s house? Wouldn’t you like to join hands with us in disrupting the enemy’s plans in Ashdod, by advancing the Lord’s work in this city.

Any gift is important to reach the goal of raising up the house of God in Ashdod, through small seeds or big ones. God is the One who will multiply your act of generosity.