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Persecutions – an opportunity to grow


an opportunity to grow while resisting injustice

Since the beginning of 2020 we found ourselves in a new season of persecutions from the Orthodox community. Every week they have been gathering outside our congregation as people come to our weekly service, harass them, block their path, pray out loud, curse… basically do everything they can to intimidate and instil fear in us and our people.

We have been consistency calling the police every time they arrive and stand outside our building, however the police hasn’t been able to identify so far any criminal intent on their behalf. The Orthodox have been cleverly disguising their “activity”, making their presence seem as simple as just prayer outside our building.

However when the police would leave, they would continue harassing people, including small children.

Our challenge has been to providing the police with proof that they in fact have been engaging in what is considered criminal offence.

In order to gather sufficient and substantial evidence we now need to instal state of the art security cameras that capture not just the actions, but also have the technology to capture the faces of the perpetrators.

Until we are able to do that, we are facing every week with a growing number of Orthodox who are sent in large numbers by their lead Rabbis, and seeing there are no legal consequences to their actions, they are emboldened to continue this campaign of harassment and intimidation.

An interesting fact, our congregation Beit Hallel was actually mentioned in the United States State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report:

“According to missionary organizations, societal attitudes toward missionary activities and conversion to other religions continued to be negative. Some Jews continued to oppose missionary activity directed at Jews, saying it amounted to religious harassment, and reacted with hostility toward Jewish converts to Christianity, such as Messianic Jews. For example, security camera footage showed ultra-Orthodox men vandalizing the Beit Hallel Messianic Jewish house of worship in Ashdod in September, and members of the Ashdod Messianic Jewish community complained of stalking, verbal abuse, and harassment from anti-missionary organizations.”Israel 2018 International Religious Freedom Report

This is not only our battle, this is a battle we fight on behalf of practically every Messianic Congregation in Israel. It’s not easy being on the frontline, but it’s also encouraging to know God goes before us and fights for us, as we defend our democratic and God-given rights in Israel.

Currently our next step is to invest in state of the art security cameras that will allow us to capture the offences done by the Orthodox, so we can give the police the proof and tools they need to persecute this injustice.

We are currently in need of $5,000 for the security equipment that is needed urgently, so we can proceed with providing proof, as well as additional protection to the people that come to Beit Hallel every week to worship Yeshua.

Gal. 6:10“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.”

Our mission is to do good to all, but our responsibility is towards our household of faith, our brothers and sisters in Yeshua, that come each week to the service to worship God, only to find the enemy trying to hinder them, harassing and intimidating them.

Would you consider giving towards this cause as we fight this battle on behalf of many believers in Israel. God will give us the victory, and to Him be all the glory!

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