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Equipping our Humanitarian space

Equipping our new Humanitarian space


Moving our Humanitarian work to our new building is an ongoing project and quite a process, with so many volunteers involved in setting up operations from the new facility, and with so much still needed to equip the new space.

This space will be serving on daily basis people who will be coming to receive our humanitarian aid, whether it’s clothes, food packages, donated furniture, house essentials or medical equipment – the list of goods we are able to distribute and bless people with is endless, yet it is all so appreciated by those who have so little and need all the help they can get.

In order to fully furnish and equip our new Humanitarian Outreach Facility we would need a total of $22,000 (see cost breakdown below) so we can create a fully functioning space that can operate and comfortably serve daily the people that come for help, as well as creating an administrative logistics and sorting center for the humanitarian aid we distribute.

Please consider sowing financially into building God’s place of provision in Israel. It is the first christian-messianic building in the city, fully owned and operated by believers. It is that beacon of light that shines into the city, spreading the love and goodness of God to those who need it most. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something so special that touches the lives of so many?

A brief breakdown of the costs that you could sponsor partially, or fully, as the Lord leads your heart to sow:

  • Security cameras – $3,990
  • Intercom – $1,760
  • Lounge furniture – $1,855
  • Shelves for clothing and goods – $3,375
  • 2 Computers – $2,100
  • Computer desks – $980
  • TV Screen – $775
  • Projector – $655
  • Clothes Racks – $735
  • Kitchen Cabinets – $1,900
  • Office furniture (chairs and desks) – $460
  • Water filter – $380
  • Kitchen appliances – $2,230