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NEXT LEVEL Youth Conference

NEXT LEVEL Youth Conference

Investing in Israel’s future

If you’re passionate about investing in young people, this is the perfect opportunity: our NEXT LEVEL Youth Conference will be taking place beginning of March.

We are so excited to be able to organize this conference, where we see young people come together from all over the country. The response is overwhelming, they come fired up and eager to learn, receive and open themselves up to what God has prepared.

The program we have prepared is really powerful and impacting, and our goal is to reach and change the lives of every single one of these young people.

So far approximately 200 young people signed up for our power-packed two-day conference where they will have the opportunity to experience a life transformation. We are helping sponsor these young kids, so they can fully experience these impacting two days, that include us providing them with lodging and meals.

The registration cost for each young person is $30, and we have so far covered half of the registered youth. If you would consider sponsoring one young person, or a group, or 100 of them… know that it’s an investment worth making that will bear amazing fruit in this nation.