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Special Children’s Project

Special Children’s Project for Purim

One way to celebrate Purim for us is through a special outreach designed for families and especially their children, whom we can bless with lovingly made gift baskets, making this into an opportunity to show God’s love to them.

For a gift of $17 you can bless one child with a special care package for Purim filled with things that draw the biggest smile on their faces. We love showing you how these precious faces light up with joy when they receive something that might be so small for us, yet so big for them.

What if you could bless 10 kids with a gift of $170? Or 100 kids with a gift of $1,700? God doesn’t put a limit of how many kids we can bless through your generosity.

Whether your heart is burning for the unreached, the newly saved, wether it’s children or youth, young or old… our projects cover a wide range of people in Israel. Whatever you are passionate about, whatever God leads you to sow into, Beit Hallel can offer the perfect soil for it.