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The Ministry of Compassion gives profound meaning to our work 

 People matter, not numbers. 

Sometimes we read about the 5000 in the New Testament, but more often we read about the 1. 

Yeshua’s heart was with each hurting soul. Regardless of their age or background. 

Which is why it is so important to be driven by compassion, so we don’t miss the 1 on our way to reach the 5000. 

Even when Yeshua would reach the 5000, before He taught them He first fed them. He made sure they felt taken care of, so they knew their needs were important to Him and He always wanted people to feel looked after in His presence. 

That is what drives our ministry to the elderly. The ones that are living in retirement homes or hostels, those who are alone and have no family or loved ones around them. 

They need our compassion, love and care more than anyone. We must forget those whom society oftentimes forgets and leaves behind. 

Some of the most precious and heartwarming moments occur when One of our prayer warriors Miriam visits them in hostels. She always testified to how the more we give these precious people, the more God fills our hearts. 

It’s simple: you truly cannot out-give God. Especially not when it comes to love and compassion. 

When Miriam arrived at one hostel; an elderly lady spotted her and immediately recognised her. She said: “You prayed for me last time! I had horrible headaches, and you prayed. It went away!” She asked Miriam to visit her and pray with her again, because praying with her made her feel so good! 

Miriam also visited Galina, who is wheelchair bound. She shared with Miriam that she has no family left, her relatives passed, her son died, and then her husband also died and she was left all alone. 

It was so important for Galina to have that human connection, that loving embrace, to feel cared for, to be assured God loves her and that with Him she is never alone. 

Miriam and Galina cried together and then prayed together. Miriam then gifted her with an audio bible, and Galina was so happy. 

It’s those “small” things — that aren’t small at all, that matter the most. 

It gives our work a deeper sense of purpose and significance. To have those precious people experience the love of Yeshua through our acts of service and compassion, it brings a whole new dimension and a profound meaning to everything we do.  

If you feel compelled to partner with this work, that reaches those that the society don’t even count anymore… the ones that Yeshua still sees, loves and reaches every day through believers like you and I, then know that you would be partnering with something that fills God’s heart with joy, to see the forsaken found and nurtured in their last days.

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