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What if we focused more on individuals than the numbers?

Our Messiah Yeshua was someone who was all about people, their stories, their faces. He knew people by name, he wanted to visit them in their homes, he sought every opportunity to be near them, hear their pain, shine his love. 

He was all about compassion, sharing His life with them as they shared theirs with Him. 

He showed us that his heart was focused on people, and the importance of personal connection. 

Getting to know the people we serve and minister to is such an important part of our work, because it allows us to penetrate deeper where oftentimes the only thing that can reach is the love of God. 

But when we do that, we get an inside into people’s lives, we get to hear incredible stories that turn into magnificent testimonies when God touches them. 

Tanya’s story is a remarkable one. Over 30 years ago, while having a heated discussion with her then very young son, he got upset, and through an object against the wall. Little did he know that moment of rage would change his mother’s life forever. 

A piece of shard bounced off the wall and landed in Tanya’s eye, leaving her blind in one eye. 

Her son struggled his whole life with the incredibly heavy burden of guilt of having caused such life changing injury to his own mother… until recently. 

He brought his mom to one of our services and she came forward to receive prayer, never imagining this would be the day it would be answered. 

Tanya immediately felt certain relief in her eye, then she began sensing her blind eye was reacting to light, she placed her hand in front of her unseeing eye… and saw her hand! 

The next day she called one of our sisters, testifying in tears how she was standing in the kitchen cooking, and she could see with the same eye that a few days ago was blind! 

However, when God heals, he makes sure He heals all aspects that were hurting. In Tanya’s case it was also her son, whose heart was tormented by guilt for 30 years over causing his own mother to go blind. 

When Tanya was receiving her healing after being prayed for, her son was standing there and weeping! He said: “it wasn’t just her eye that just go healed. My heart just received healing as well. I feel God erased my mistake that cost us all so much!” 

God’s healing power isn’t limited to just a physical injury, His touch heals everything around it, including people’s hearts.

What a mighty God we serve! 


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