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Congregation Life during Pandemic

Congregation Life in Times of Global Pandemic

As a pastor, I am fully aware of the great challenges we as churches and congregations have faced as a result of this terrible outbreak that has enforced a shutdown on almost all areas of our lives.  In times like these we have a choice: to step back and sit this “storm” out, or pray from God’s guidance, find creative solutions and face this season head on.

That is exactly what we did here at Beit Hallel; the word of God will not be silenced regardless of the circumstances.

Because of the situation we have switched to online church services. We are currently the only Hebrew speaking congregation in Ashdod holding Live services.  Our weekly meetings are held with just handful of us (as allowed) transmitting our worship, prayer and message via Facebook Live from our platform.

Join us:

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Additionally, we use ZOOM to hold leadership training, home groups and bible studies. Our worship team also connects together via ZOOM for worship sessions and prayer. We have seen how social distancing restrictions have actually brought our youth closer together than they were before; using these digital tools they are cultivating their group fellowship online, and it has been so encouraging!

We are determined to continue our “church life”, and where there is no way, God will make a way. In seasons of turmoil and uncertainty, we have to hold on to what remains forever solid, immovable and true: God and His word.

That is our security, the rock on which we stand!