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Looking for an innovative project to support? Perhaps someone you know is looking to support a cause to practically bless Israel?

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Beit Hallel Congregation is currently raising funds for a pickup truck. Why a pickup truck you ask?

Well, a pickup truck will enable us to load and distribute large amounts of fresh produce directly from our local Israeli farmers who are graciously and selflessly donating fruit and vegetables to Israeli families in need.

It will also enable us to help hundreds of new immigrants move into their apartments every month, by transporting furniture and appliances provided to them by Beit Hallel.

Another great benefit would be the the collecting and distributing of books and bibles from print houses in Jerusalem to the mission fields.

We’ll also be able to distribute donated orthopaedic and medical equipment to holocaust survivors, the elderly and disabled.

It will serve to transport camping equipment, food, water, suitcases etc when we conduct youth camps and discipleship retreats in the desert

We’re allocating a significant chunk of our savings towards the truck’s purchase, but we still short $23,000 in order to purchase this truck. We’d love for you to prayerfully consider investing in such a far-reaching and practical project that’ll open up a new dimension to our humanitarian and outreach efforts.

No seed is too small or too big! You can donate at