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Beit El — The place of Jacob’s dream

When Jacob got his way and managed to receive his farther Isaac’s blessing, he realized he had to flee now from his brother, Esau. So he went to Mesopotamia — the land of his ancestors.

Interestingly enough, when Abraham sent his servants to find a wife for his son, Isaac, he didn’t send him empty handed. He blessed him with gold, silver and every possible riches, so the servant was very well received wherever he went. When Jacob was decided he needed to run away from his brother, he first came to his father Isaac and said he was going away to visit family in Mesopotamia, which was very far.

We need to remember that Isaac was a very wealthy and influential man. People came from all over to build alliances and covenants with him. But when Jacob came to tell him he was leaving because of fear of retribution for cheating his brother out of his firstborn blessing; Isaac said: “Go! You deceived me. I will not punish you, but I also will not bless you for you journey. Now you depend on God.”

Jacob then left with nothing more than the clothes on his back and a rod in his hand. He came to a city called Luz, which is located on the northsouth tangent from Nablus to Jerusalem. However, Jacob was not well received or sheltered by anyone there. It was simply hard to believe that the son of a wealthy man such as Isaac would come with nothing, completely empty handed. People probably didn’t even believe him of his origins.

Imagine standing in a dry deserted place, denied shelter by everyone, trying to figure out how you’re going to spend the night in a place like that.

Bushes was not an option, for scorpions and snakes. So he actually lied down on the dry barren soil under the open sky. The nights in the desert are very cold and the days are very hot. Imagine lying down on the ground, and putting your head on a stone as your pillow.

That is how Jacob spent the night in Luz.  That is also the night God gave him the dream that changed the course of his entire life; He showed him a picture of heaven, with angels ascending and descending — and the Lord said: “I will bless you.”

When Jacob woke up and realized that God was with him, he got up and decided to build an altar right there to honor the Lord. He took a stone and set it upright (in Hebrew: “mazteva”). It was a way to distinguish between a natural stone, and one that was placed there in a certain way with a purpose. In ancient days it was a sign that marked a place, the showed that something had happened right there when people would see an upright standing stone.

The matzeva (upright stone) was pointing upwards, towards God. It meant something holy happened there.

Jacob then took oil, and he poured it all over the altar he had set up, proclaiming that place holy, calling it Beit-El(House of God).

In this very place when I’m standing, Jacob once stood, he dedicated that place to God and promised that if God would keep him, bless him and bring him back home, Jacob would forever dedicate 10% of everything he has to the Lord.

We all speak about tithing, and giving to God, the Bible mentions it in many occasions. But here, we’re speaking about something as ancients as the days of the patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Jacob was standing right here, in this very spot where I had a chance to stand a few days ago and film this video for you. He dedicated that place forever to God, calling it Beit-El (House of God).

Jacob saw the dream God gave him about the future, how God opened the heavens above him, angels ascending and descending, and perhaps today, as we stand in this very spot that Jacob once proclaimed holy, angels might still be as work there. But that dream was all it took for Jacob to realize that the heavens were open over his head. He would never walk outside of God’s blessing.

The same applies to you today: you have come to your place of encounter with God, and you have entered into your own Beit-El (House if God) with Him.

The heavens above you are open the same way they were open over a Jacob. The reason is simple: you are a child of God.

Because of Yeshua, of what He has done: going to heaven and blessing us with every blessing from above.

We know Jacob’s story very well: he came out with nothing but the clothes on his back and a rod in his hand. But he came back a very wealthy and blessed man, even without counting on his father Isaac’s  inheritance. He didn’t need it, because he had God’s inheritance he tapped into. The hand of God was on his life, and Jacob was a blessed man in every area of his life.

Taking the opportunity to pray for you, from this very special place of Jacob’s dream and encounter with God — Beit-El, I pray that God will bless you, that He will pour out His blessing over your life in abundance. Remember: in Yeshua, through Him and by Him you are blessed, God is with you and will lead you through every circumstance.

Jacob left his father’s house and started his journey being not more than a servant or a slave, having nothing. But eventually the blessing of God unfolded in his life, as he became the heir to the blessings of God.

When you decide to come to Israel, don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can take you to places like Beit-El, where we will dream God’s dreams together and we will pray together.

Blessings and shalom from Beit-El, the place of Jacob’s dream.