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Israel News Updates

Highest number of daily COVID-19 cases since April 2020

Israel currently exceeds 5,000 coronavirus patients and the Ministry of Health declared 377 new cases found during last 24 hours.Thus far 21,246 Israelis have been infected by the coronavirus.

Austrian Holocaust victims’ memorial construction started

This will be Austria’s first public monument that makes mention of all the Austrian Holocaust victims, an indication that the country of Adolf Hitler’s birth is showing progress in addressing the issue of the Holocaust and Hitler that it has wrestled with for a long time.

Nefesh B’Nefesh pens agreement with EL AL Airlines in view of future immigration to Israel

Nefesh B’Nefesh is an organization that helps and organises the homecoming of Jews to Israel, or “Aliyah.” They’ve reportedly signed an agreement with El Al to reserve whole sections of airplane seats on 14 flights on which they’ll bring “olim chadashim” (new immigrants) to Israel during the Summer.

Microsoft buys CyberX

The Israeli cybersecurity company CyberX will be acquired by Microsoft for a reported 165 Million Dollars.

Knesset to pour $14.5m into Tiberias tourism

Israeli ministers will be voting on Sunday to inject $14.5 Million into the tourism industry of Tiberias, the ancient city on the shores of the Lake off Galilee. This is aimed at encouraging tourism in the city, as the city has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on tourism.

Little boy finds 3,500-year-old artefact

While enjoying the great outdoors with his parents at Tel Jemmeh archaeological site in South Israel, a six-year-old boy discovered a small square object of clay. Authorities verified that the boy had stumbled upon a 3,500-year-old treasure.

Israeli researchers identify key antibody that neutralises COVID-19

A research laboratory in the Israeli town of Ness Tziyonna reported that they’ve discovered an antibody that goes on the attack against the coronavirus and eliminates it. The Israeli Institute for Biological Research is now on the hunt for an international manufacturer for the commercial development of a vaccine.