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Building unity in the Galilee

There was something special about the Sea of Galilee to Yeshua. It is the place where he spent most of His time, where he taught, preached and healed the most. It’s also the place where he performed his biggest miracles, the same ones that revealed his loving heart the most.

He chose this spot to showcase that true faith in Him can make you walk on water in the midst of the biggest storm. It is where He revealed that God can do the impossible and thousands and thousands of people with a handful of loaves.

It is the place Yeshua would choose to go to and just be quiet with His Father, just sit at His feet and be nurtured, taught and loved.

That is why Kibutz Ma’agan right on the shore of the Sea of Galilee is the place we go to every year with a group of local Israeli and Arab pastors, to just sit at Yeshua’s feet and be nurtured. Sea of Galilee does just that; it allows us to retire for a few days and just be together with fellow pastors in the land. We worship together, fellowship, encourage one another, share testimonies.

After all this time, it’s not merely a group of pastors that comes together every year and gathers by the Sea of Galilee, it’s brothers and friends. Without boundaries, without conflict, without division. With sheer brotherly love that binds is in the Lord, we spend a few precious days to recharge our batteries and give God the opportunity to restore our strength and vision once we return to our congregations.

This year it was more intimate than ever before, with COVID19 hanging over us, lockdown, restrictions, etc., it was just more intimate, and thus more precious. It was like being with family.

In light of everything we see happening in the world: the hatred, division, conflict… we take this time, both Jews and Arabs, to nurture our brotherly bond in Yeshua — the only One who can heal broken hearts and bind bleeding wounds.

Many people wonder if the existing Israeli — Palestinian conflict is a racist one. I can honestly say, it’s really not.

It’s a deeply rooted religious conflict that dates back to biblical times and was revived in the 20th century. However digging deeper, you’ll find that the battle is a religious one. A battle that actively opposes God’s plans for His Land and His people.

However, we as followers of Yeshua have seen firsthand that there is no true peace outside of Yeshua! He is our reconciliation, He is the love that binds us and makes us one new man in Him.

The world needs more of that: more of that reconciling love that comes only from true knowledge of Yeshua.

While sitting by the Sea of Galilee with fellow Arab pastors, sharing our struggles and victories, encouraging and empowering one another, despite the world seeing us as eternal enemies… we have proved we are not. We are brothers in Yeshua, with love overcoming hate.

I pray the world experiences more of that during such troubled time.