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Israel News Updates

Israel’s government pushes forward a bill to increase fines for failing to wear face masks. Those individuals not abiding by this law will be subject to a fine of NIS 500. A vote to determine the future of legislation which will give the Shin Bet authority to utilise digital surveillance has also been delayed.

Due to increased cases of COVID-29 in Israel, cutbacks are being implemented which will see gatherings reduced to an amount of only 50 people. From the 9th of July event halls will be limited to hosting 100 people in outdoor areas and cultural events will be limited to 250 attendees.

The Facebook ad boycott, which was birthed in protest to Facebook’s policies on hate speech, will be joined by SodaStream as the first Israeli company to do so, aligning with its parent company PepsiCo’s stance.

Bibi Netanyahu and Benny Gantz clash over West Bank annexation plans. On Monday Benny Gantz, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s main coalition partner, declared his opposition in moving forward with annexing segments of the West Bank.

COVID-19 antibody testing to move forward in Israel to plumb the extent of the coronavirus infection. 191 Israeli communities will be tested in no particular order. Doubts have been raised if the laboratories will have the capacity to undertake such a project and at the efficacy of this undertaking.

America and Israel declare no involvement in the sabotage of a missile site in Iran. Reports mention that Israeli officials deny any role in the explosion close to the Parchin military base, at an alleged missile production facility.

Seal found at City of David seal portrays the status of Jerusalem during the Persian age. The 2,500-year old seal is made of clay, and these types of seals were supposedly used to sign documents and containers.