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When God answers our prayers and provides in an amazing way, our thankfulness will reflect in giving back.

That is the case with the new distribution truck the Lord provided us with.  It was an urgent need that arose during the Covid lockdown, and so far it has proven to be an amazing blessing to so many families in need.

Many cannot leave their homes, and we have been able to deliver food packages to people’s doorsteps, especially to the elderly, as well as widows and mothers with small children.

We were also able to load it with donated furniture or medical supplies, and distribute it right to people’s doors.

The wonderful part is also seeing how engaged and committed our youth is in helping us with our humanitarian relief outreach. They’ve been definitely pulling their weight this summer vacation, whether it’s packing food packages, loading our truck with supplies, going door to door and personally bringing aid to families.

There’s so much of our work that takes place behind the scenes, but know that we are able to do it all largely thanks to your generosity, care and prayers.

This truck has been serving the Beit Hallel Humanitarian Projects for about a month; and we have already seen what a tremendous blessing it is and how much it has facilitated our work among people in need.

We couldn’t give you a better praise report than to simply show you this truck in action, serving those who need it most.