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Israel under Lockdown

Covid Relief Fund helping communities

Beit Hallel is gearing up towards intensifying and increasing our reach through our COVID Relief Fund. Our communities need us more than ever, this is the time for us to show that when everything else fails and all other doors close, God’s door is always open and He never fails! The testimony of God’s goodness, how He comes through in desperate times when no one else can help is more powerful than any words we can say.

Our goal is to be the extension of God’s love and generosity during this time; that regardless of the lockdown, our goal is to ensure no family or person in need will be without a meal for the holidays.

Helping local families in need, praying with them and distributing food among them is still the most impactful way to share the message of God’s love through the generous blessings of Christians like you.

Few things touch a person’s heart like knowing someone half across the world cared so much, that he made sure you had food on the table during turbulent times.

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