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What was meant for evil, God uses for good

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

Genesis 50:20

Our newly purchased and renovated building that we designated to be our new congregation facility had aroused so much resistance and anger among the local authorities, especially religious ones. Our battle to get all the required permits (that we are legally entitles to) has proven to be a difficult (and costly) task.

However, God is never baffled at the overwhelming obstacles the enemy tries to place on our path when we’re building His kingdom. Despite the frustration these challenges have caused us, we have actually seen that regardless of the harm the enemy intends for us, God can and will turn it all around for good!

The proof is in the simple fact, that had we gotten the necessary permits to move into and operate a congregation building, right now, with the current COVID restrictions in place, we would’ve been forced to keep it closed and unused. But since the authorities resisted granting us a permit for a congregation, they could only grant us (at this point) an operating permit for the building to be used as a storehouse and distribution center— which turned out to be quite perfect for the times we’re in right now. As a congregation we would have to keep the building empty and locked, but as a storehouse, we have been able to keep it running and even increase the volume of our humanitarian operation. The facility has been perfect and an absolute blessing specifically for that during this time! So much so, that under the current permit, we are able not only sort the containers of goods that arrive and we distribute among those in need, but we are also able to receive trucks from other congregations from all over Israel, that come to pick up furniture, medical equipment, home supplies, boxes of clothes, food… anything and everything we have the space to receive, store, sort and distribute now.

How awesome is our God? In situations when it seems there’s no way out, the Lord shows that whatever is intended to harm us, God turns it around for His glory!

We have been working more than ever to try and reach many more families that are struggling during these trying times, when Israel is still under a significant national lockdown, with many businesses shut down and people are left jobless.

Of course, we are called to remain alert, because the enemy is furious and restless when God is at work, and we’ve already been notified there’s another front opening against us; our neighbours next to our building have beeb encouraged to file complaints against us, citing their reasons for opposing the work we do and how it “negatively” affects the area. Yet another battle that belongs to the Lord, and which He will win!

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