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Launching our new distribution center

During this year, with the many challenges and restrictions, we have had to adjust not only the way we minister, but also our humanitarian outreach work.

We were blessed with the opportunity to rent a nearby space where we are able to centralise our humanitarian logistics in one distribution center. The space was perfect for our needs, but it needs a lot of work to be able to utilize it for our humanitarian needs.

Our team has been working non stop to make sure our newly rented distribution center was ready as soon as possible, especially for the holidays, when our humanitarian projects are so crucial for so many people.

We needed some funds to make it happen and to transform this space into what we needed it to be, and God came through in a wonderful way, largely through your amazing generosity.

The distribution center is now finally done and we have officially launched it, with our team assembling food packages and preparing everything for distribution among families in need.

This humble place sees great effort and a lot of heart put into it daily through our faithful team that reaches thousands of families in these difficult times, and we are thankful that you choose to stand with us and this important work, in blessing countless families that depend on our humanitarian projects.

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