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This past week Israel finally came out of its third national lockdown, with some restrictions lifted, but mainly keeping things still very restricted as the country is racing against time to vaccinate as many of the general population as they can.

However all entries and exits from Israel remain under lockdown, with Ben Gurion international airport remaining closed off completely, with only one or two repatriation (rescue) flights taking place per week. An unprecedented move that has left thousands of Israelis stranded both here in the land, as well as Israelis that are unable to return home.

Most businesses are still closed, the education system is starting to open partially, with a ban on gatherings still in place, as a congregation we are doing our best to keep our church life as dynamic as possible through online and home studies. People need that support and connection more than ever.

During this ongoing Covid season we have been able to start six fresh new home studies in Ashdod, with 17 home studies in total operating currently.

We see a deep need in prayer for this nation as it is facing an enormous amount of uncertainty, both politically, economically and socially. It has been a year now since Israel allowed any tourism into the country, and it is definitely felt. Your absence is felt throughout this land. Having precious friends and brothers in Yeshua constantly visit us here in Israel was such a blessing! Your prayers and love as you walked down the streets of our cities was a significant pillar of strength for us, local believers. We pray we will be able to be reunited again soon in this land that will always receive you with open arms.

Additionally, Israel is facing elections this upcoming March, which could mean more political uncertainty for this small nation that seemingly could not withstand more turmoil.

There is a deepening crisis in almost every area of life in Israel, and as this nation is probably facing its toughest days yet —  it needs your prayers more than ever.

God designed things in such a way that the nations’ destiny is forever tied to Israel’s one. If Israel is struggling, the nations will struggle, if Israel is collapsing — that collapse will be felt globally in every nation. That is how tightly knit God made Israel’s ties with the nations. We cannot expect any nation to prosper as long as Israel is in pain.

As uncertain as the future might seem from a human standpoint, we have a better one: God’s standpoint. There are promises He has made, and He intends on fulfilling each and every one of them, regardless of what our physical eyes see.

You are called to be Watchmen (Shomrim) who will serve as guardians of Israel through prayer.

Psalm 122:6-9 — 

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:

    “May those who love you be secure.

May there be peace within your walls

    and security within your citadels.”

For the sake of my family and friends,

    I will say, “Peace be within you.”

For the sake of the house of the Lord our God,

    I will seek your prosperity.”