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Our follow-up team visited Olga who came with her husband Mikhail from the Ivano-Frankivsk region of the Ukraine. Back in the 80s, her brother married a Jewish woman and went with her to Israel. In the 2000s, Olga came to Israel to earn money and worked here for a couple of years looking after the elderly.

She did not think that she could ever live in Israel, because neither she nor her husband had Jewish roots, but three years ago her husband’s father died. While preparing for the funeral, they discovered something. As Olga’s son was going through his grandfather’s documents, he suddenly found a document which showed and proved that his grandmother was Jewish! It was a shock for the whole family!

Their sons insisted that their parents urgently make Aliyah (going up) to Israel. One of the sons flew to the Ukraine to help their parents resolve all issues relating to their move to Israel. It was September 2020. Due to the quarantine, very few airplanes were flying into Israel.

Olga and Mikhail didn’t manage to find flights to Israel at that time, and they urgently needed to fly, as Mikhail’s health was deteriorating due to cancer, and he was in dire need of medical treatment. The son began again to seek help at the Israeli embassy in Ukraine for an opportunity to fly to Israel with his parents. By some miracle, they found the last few seats on a plane. Olga and Mikhail urgently flew out, with just a few suitcases.

Upon arrival in Israel, they went through quarantine and on the third day Mikhail went into surgery. Now Olga lives in Ashdod, and Mikhail is receiving further cancer therapy in Tel Aviv. Olga brings Mikhail to Ashdod for the weekends so that they can spend time together.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Olga refuses to lose heart. She also dedicates her free time to help and take care of others in need. Our team visited Olga and Mikhail, and brought them much-needed humanitarian aid like food, clothing, and appliances, which we were able to bless them with through the financial support of our partners.

They’re so thankful for the help and we agreed with Olga that as soon as the Covid19 lockdown is over, that she would come to our warehouse to take additional humanitarian aid like furniture, orthopedic equipment, and bedding. We’re so grateful that we’re able to demonstrate the love of God practically through helping the poor and needy like Olga, Mikhael, and hundreds of other Israeli families on a monthly basis through the prayers and support of our partners and friends from all over the world.