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This year Purim will be different for all of us here in Israel due to COVID. However it is especially hard on recently immigrated Jewish families with little children that moved to Israel in the middle of a global pandemic, facing lockdowns and harsh restrictions.

The precious families that have made Aliyah in the past year have faced unprecedented circumstances, being in a new country, no jobs, no schools for kids, in small apartments without furniture or means to survive during Israel’s prolonged lockdowns. It has been an overwhelming season for many, and we want to bring a ray of light into their lives during this time.

Our team will be organizing a special little celebration for children at the entrance to our church building (open space), as well as our volunteers who will be going around people’s homes, bringing them Purim food care packages.

We want to bring some joy to kids, so we will arrange special Treats Baskets.
For a donation of $25 you will bless one child with a basket. Or for a donation of $50 you will bless a whole family with a food care package.

Wherever your heart lies: whether it is to help a family, bless children, or both — know it’s an amazing blessing to those who literally depend on the help we can provide them with during this difficult time.