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God made us to be a blessing to others

Two months into 2021, the coronavirus crisis that has hit so many people so hard hasn’t let up. While working daily with families who live in poverty conditions, entire families that were left jobless without means to even provide food for their families — we see the need up close, and it simply cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Someone once said: “When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence.

When you look at what you have, whether it’s a lot or a little, if you find you still have more than others — it’s time to build a longer table and share your blessings.

Through these turbulent and challenging times, thousands of families rely on Beit Hallel’s humanitarian work for food. We want to ensure we reach as many of those families as we can by the end of this month, so no one is left hungry or needing.

Our ministry isn’t a powerful corporation and we don’t count on limitless resources. Every family is fed thanks to God-driven generosity in friends like you who want to build a longer table to share from their blessings.

Our focus this month is on children and single mothers — the most vulnerable and those that currently suffer lack the most. Whether you want to support one family in need with a gift of $25, or 10 families for a donation of $250 — it is a powerful act of kindness that becomes an answer to at least one family’s prayer.

If there were ever a time to join us, it is now. Every contribution, however big or small, powers our outreach efforts and sustains our work.

Support BH humanitarian projects this month from as little as $25, or make a monthly commitment to “adopt” a family through a recurring donation.