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Taking chances and running risks is all part of responding to God’s calling. It’s not the knowing and the certainty that should guide us, but the trust and faith in Him.

Queen Esther is a wonderful example of that. She knew that her royal position doesn’t mean much if she turns her back on God’s calling to stand in the gap for her people. She acknowledged the risk she was taking, she knew her calling could cost her life. In Hebrew, she said: “Im avadeti, avadeti…” (“If I shall perish, I perish…”)

She set the bar high and showed us the importance of stepping outside of our comfort zone, acting out of blind courage and trust in what God calls you to do, even while acknowledging the risks.

There comes a moment when we have to take chances and risks and stand for what is right, for the kingdom of God, for the people of God — for the people of Israel, regardless of how unpopular or uncomfortable it might be.

It’s a very relevant message for today because we know from prophecies that nations will rise up against the nation of God, against Israel — Queen Esther showed us the way. She didn’t care what the risks were, she accepted her calling even while acknowledging that she was afraid. She wasn’t just a bold woman, she was a bold woman that took courageous steps!

Maybe you don’t consider yourself as a brave person, but when you accept God’s calling for your life, He will give you through the Holy Spirit: power, courage, and whatever else you need to go and change circumstances, act and allow yourself to be used mightily by God.

One of the more powerful messages of Purim is the message of unimaginable courage in the face of impossible circumstances.

That is my prayer for you, my dear friend. May God help you to be brave when you need to be!