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This festive week of Purim the goal was to reach out a helping hand to the families that need us the most. We have been busy with daily humanitarian projects, each day distributing different goods to help and bless large families, especially single mothers that are genuinely struggling right now.

When you meet these incredible mothers who are fighting so hard to stay afloat during such difficult times, you understand God’s heart better in James 1:27“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

Our Father’s heart has always been about caring for the fatherless — the most vulnerable and helpless. This is why our Purim outreach has been about showing our Father’s love by looking after orphans and widows in their time of need.

This is a very special time to bless Israel, especially children that are silently enduring the crisis that is gripping our nations. We have to make sure we don’t forget about them, especially since their voices aren’t heard as loud as adult ones.

The story of Purim and Queen Esther teaches us the importance of caring enough to intercede and stand in the gap, to help when you have the power to do so, and not hide behind privilege. That is why helping through our humanitarian projects is even more important for us during biblical festivals. That help carries a message of love, that if a nation can be saved through one person’s brave actions, how much more can that love accomplish when we unite and come together to help those that have the least.

One of the projects this week was a special one: we were kindly approached by a local distributor of energy-saving ceramic heating panels. It was the perfect gift during the harshest winter storm Israel has seen in recent years. With freezing temperatures, floods, and snow closing down the roads, it was the type of weather Israel isn’t really prepared for, which is why helping with heating equipment is such a blessing, especially to families with 4-6 kids, all struggling to stay warm.

The kids were so thrilled about these exciting innovative heaters that could be wall-mounted and look like an actual painting. It is one of those amazing gifts that truly warms a person’s heart.

This is the type of help your generosity accomplishes. When you sow into our work, we always strive to make sure your gift goes a long way and truly makes a difference. Know that when you are stirred to give and support our humanitarian work, there are precious people, faces, and life stories behind the help and the receiver, there is always a warm hand that would be thankful to shake yours in gratitude for your kindness and generosity.

Our Purim outreach projects continue as we are reaching and helping more families, so it isn’t too late to open your heart to those in need.

Consider giving today, so that a family can wake up to a warm meal tomorrow.

$25 to feed one family, or $250 to feed 10 families — each person counts, each gift counts. Nothing is ever too little or too much. Not when it comes to blessing the people of Israel.