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Jerusalem Old City is known for its various central synagogues. During Purim each one prepares to celebrate in a very special way.

For every biblical feast we have a lot of ancient traditions, here are 7 of them that shine a special light on the biblical significance of the feast.

  1. Reading Megilot Esther (Esther’s Scrolls) — every day throughout the whole feast different portions of the scrolls are read.
  2. Reading special portions from Torah (Law).
  3. Special prayer services and ceremonies.
  4. Blessing friends, relatives and neighbors with cakes and sweet treats.
  5. Remembering and taking special care of the poor and those in need.
  6. Purim carries a special command to rejoice, so that fasting, sorrow and sadness are forbidden during the festive days.
  7. Eat, drink, celebrate, sing, dance and praise the Lord. The point of the feast is joy in God’s deliverance.

Join the nation of Israel in celebrating God’s deliverance during this feast of Purim. Take care of the poor, pray together, rejoice in the Lord together with the people of Israel.