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This dynamic course based on biblical principles helps believing families build strong foundations in forging loving and enduring marriages and family structures. This course has proven to be a powerful tool in drawing people closer in their walk with God and receiving a deeper understanding of how much they need Yeshua as their Savior and Shepherd in their daily lives.

During this course families come together to build up the relationships with each other. As the joys and burdens of daily life is shared with each other, we can all lift each other up and strengthen each other on the way we should go.

During the actual teaching there is opportunity to hear more about the essence of our faith, so that we are better equipped to deal with daily life decisions in a God-honoring way.

After the teaching we get a chance to discuss what we’ve just learned and internalize the insights from it. As we make God’s word and plan with the world our own we become more ready and available to become a light to those around us.

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