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Discipleship forms an integral part of our focus in establishing new believers in their faith. Following closely on the heels of our evangelism efforts, Foundations of Our Faith is a course covering the fundamentals of the Christian faith for new believers as well as assisting them as they embark on this new and exciting journey in their newfound faith in Yeshua.

Yeshua asked us to make disciples, not just converts. Of course, it is always a great celebration in our community when people come to faith, but without discipleship and without growth in their walk with God there is just a greater chance of a lukewarm life.

We are therefore committed to discipleship by starting to teach all new believers the foundations of our faith through this course. During the different meetings, we discuss the basics about Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We discuss how to hear God and how to be led by Him.

Together with the teaching we also want to promote the people to make connections with each other so that they can grow together and build each other up in their new walk with their Messiah! Before listening to the teaching we come together and enjoy getting to know each other better.

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