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Harley Kolterman

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer


In 1980, Harley Kolterman said “Yes!” to the call of God to proclaim the Gospel and make disciples of all nations. Since then, he has brought the Good News of Jesus Christ to over sixty nations through preaching, teaching, feeding the hungry, bringing aid to the poor, and training pastors and leaders. Along with his wife, Karen, he is the founding pastor of My Father’s House, Inc. in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

In 2012, Pastor Harley co-founded Voice of Judah Israel with Pastor Israel Pochtar. Pastor Harley holds credentials with Provident Ministries International, Ltd. and is a member in good standing of Provident Ministerial Network.

Together, Pastor Harley and Karen are blessed with three married children and twenty-five grandchildren (seven in heaven) who faithfully love and serve Jesus.